Nokia Research Centre Shows Off Stretchable Electronic Skin

The Nokia Morph concept phone has been something that Nokia fans (and even non-Nokia fans) have been aching for. The ability to change your phone into something that you need, whenever you need it, just by molding it to a different form is an exciting idea. And it looks like, while Nokia has been pretty quiet about the Morph for awhile now, the company is still putting quite a bit of effort into getting that idea into the real world.

On the Nokia blog, the company presented some pretty exciting developments, which are taking place currently at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge, UK. The first of which is the new "stretchable" electronic skin. Nokia would utilize it as an electronic touchpad, which could be pulled, stretched, and crumpled all while still being able to be used. It utilizes evaporated gold as a conductor, to make it pliable and yet still functional.

The whole thing is still in development, and probably will be for another few years, but it's good to see Nokia still working on the possibility of giving consumers a truly shape-shifting phone. Check out the video below to see it for your own eyes, and start looking forward to the future even more.

[via Nokia Conversations]