Nokia Refocus app now available for Lumia PureView devices

Nokia has announced that its Refocus application is now available for Nokia Lumia PureView devices. The images you can take using the Refocus application are very cool allowing you to shoot a picture and focus on specific areas later. Nokia says that the Refocus app is designed for scenes with lots of contrast in the depth of field such as macro shots.

Nokia says to use the app users must first focus on the object closest to them. When they first look at the viewfinder of the device, the scene will look blurry. As the camera moves closer to the object, everything becomes clear. That function is designed to help users know how close they can get to an object before taking the shot.

Once the closest object is in focus, users can tap the screen of their device to start the capture process. The process takes a few seconds and the user has to be very still. During the capture process Nokia Refocus performs a "focus sweep" and creates a depth map. Nokia Refocus uses computational photography.

The result of shooting an image using Nokia Refocus is 2-8 images depending on what's in the view. Each of the images is five-megapixel resolution and are taken at a different focus that are aligned together to make a single image. The result is that you can tap on any part of the image to shift the focus to that particular spot. We can also have the entire image in focus. The app also has other features including color pop allowing you to choose a color to focus on while the rest of the image becomes black and white. The app also has built-in sharing functionality.