Nokia readying 4 Windows Phone 7 handsets, MeeGo tablet rumored

Nokia looks to be hitting the ground running with up to four Windows Phone 7 handsets already in the R&D pipeline. The Phones are rumored to be based on Nokia's "Chasis 1" with a 1Ghz processor and capacitive touch screens. The other two mid range phones will be worked into "Chasis 2" with a slower 800 Mhz processor and resistive screens. In addition, Nokia's rumored Windows tablet entry won't be out until 2012 and will feature a full version of Windows 8, rather than the lean and mean Phone mobile OS. But others think that MeeGo isn't dead and may find a home in the tablet interface.

The rumor comes from Eldar, a noted critic of the Nokia/Microsoft deal, who has a hit and miss track record when it comes to story leakage, so it should be considered as a pure rumor, especially when dividing up the phones into touch screen and non touch categories makes little sense to Windows Phone 7 fans. It doesn't take long looking Eldar's hit and miss track record is likely missing on at least part of this story. Users think it would be a stupid move to fragment the Windows Phone 7 market with a design that would frustrate the core finger friendly interface of WP7 in favor of a stylus phone design. Who would really want to carry around a pen in their pocket?

It would seem that if resistant screens were doing to find their way into the mix, it would more likely be with the tablet. But with multitouch so standard on tablets now, wouldn't that be a giant step backwards for Microsoft and Nokia trying to compete in an already hyper competitive market? That's where the talk of maybe MeeGo staying alive gains ground, especially since it's Reuters who's making that assertion. As with any rumor, the answer usually poses more questions. We'll certainly be paying close attention to what Nokia has in store as time marches on.

[via My Nokia Blog]