Nokia phones will ask to be unplugged when their batteries are full

Everyone seems concerned with saving energy these days, which is definitely something worth worrying about. Nokia is trying to do their part to help people stop wasting power.

When a cell phone is finished charging, it doesn't stop using power, it just keeps sucking juice from the wall until you unplug it. So Nokia came up with the idea for your cell phone to alert you when the battery is finished charging and prompt you to unplug it.

Two things, first, my Q already beeps and lets me know that the battery is full. Granted, it doesn't tell me to unplug it, but I get the idea. Second, most people charge their phone when they are sleeping. A faint beep isn't going to wake most people up, and if you do make it loud enough to wake them up, they aren't going to be happy.

Phones to alert users to save energy [via reuters]