Nokia N9 Gets Early Hands-On, Hardware Deemed "Near Perfect"

Nokia's strategy in the smartphone market is a heated subject for some out there, but it looks like the company may have a line of silver along some of those formulating storm clouds on the horizon. Thanks to Eldar Murtazin, the (in)famous Russian-based journalist who has been known to break a few Nokia-centric stories in the past, it looks like Nokia's upcoming effort, the N9, is looking very, very good. At least, when it comes to the hardware.

Murtazin wrote just a few things about the upcoming device. The first of which focused on the hardware. He said, "In terms of HW is near perfect, I like it." That "near perfect" thing is what sticks out the most, obviously. While Nokia's hardware is a hit or miss for some, if the N9 can indeed hit that "sweet spot" for the majority of consumers, then it could certainly mean that the N9 has a fighting chance in the increasingly difficult smartphone market.

However, when speaking about the software, which is MeeGo, he says, "In terms of SW is not so good at the moment – But They hope it will change in 2011." Of course, the build of MeeGo that's on the device Murtazin is using will be too "work-in-progress" to get any kind of feel as to how the software will run on a finalized N9, when it does launch in 2011. So, at the moment it certainly is looking promising. Of course, that will also depend on whether or not your definition of "near perfect" in terms of smartphone hardware is anything like Eldar Murtazin's.



Nokia HDBlog; thanks, Garsim!]