Nokia Maps updated with support for Groupon Now! deals

If you love Groupon deals and have a phone capable of running Nokia Maps, then boy does Nokia have the update for you. Today, Nokia's Pino Bonetti announced that Nokia Maps has been updated and now includes support for Groupon Now! deals. This means that you're never too far from the next great Groupon deal, as Groupon Now! allows you to purchase them and use them immediately. Pretty cool, no?

Bonetti explains the process of buying a Groupon deal on your phone in a post on the Nokia Conversations blog – when you're looking for something in Nokia Maps, you'll be alerted to Groupon deals at nearby places. Each deal listed on your map comes with an "exhaustive description," and deciding to buy one will take you to the Groupon mobile site where you'll complete your purchase. Unfortunately, those living outside the US are out of luck for the time being, as Groupon Now! deals are currently only available in the US due to their "geographically limited" nature.

Support for Groupon Now! isn't the only thing Nokia is touting with this update. Nokia has introduced a new feature called "advanced route setting" in this update, which allows users to plan trips within the Nokia Maps app. Select your starting point and destination, tell the app if you'll be walking, driving, or taking public transportation, and you're good to go. Nokia also says that users can save the route to their start screen, so it will be ready for future trips.

At this point in time, Nokia Maps is only compatible with the Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800, and 900, so if you don't own one of those models, then this update doesn't apply to you. Users can get the update by either waiting for the notification from the Windows Phone Marketplace or downloading it from the Nokia Collection. It sounds like an excellent update, so if you're a regular user of Nokia Maps, be sure to grab it.