Nokia Lumia 800 is jet fighter tough, survives MACH 5 wind tunnel test

Nokia has touted before that its

Lumia 800

Windows Phone is made from the same material used in real life jet fighters, but


has now put that claim to the test. Since taking the Lumia 800 for an actual nose dive in a jet wasn't an option, the team instead threw the device into a MACH 5 wind tunnel. And yes, it survived and phoned home just fine after the extreme test. You can watch the video after the cut.

MACH 5 is considered "hypersonic," which is five times the speed of sound and generally translates to about 3000 miles per hour in aircrafts. The Nokia Lumia 800 impressively survived the extreme pressures from the test, suggesting that your important data on the device will surely survive a jet fighter nose dive or a catastrophic tornado even if you don't.

The test really supports Nokia's image for quality built hardware and its very first Windows Phone is indeed not only gorgeous but one very tough cookie. But perhaps it'd be more fun if NokNok threw in a couple other phones into the wind tunnel just for comparison's sake.