Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet charger warning issued, sales halted

Nokia launched its Lumia 2520 tablet late last year. We reviewed the Nokia 2520 and liked it well enough despite it running Windows RT. Nokia has made an announcement this week that there is an issue with the charger for the tablet. The charger used for this tablet in the UK and Europe is the AC-300 charger and only the 2520 uses that particular charger.

This charger has an issue that leads to the potential for an electrical shock to the user. Nokia ships the charger with the 2520 tablet in Austria, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the UK. Nokia says that people who own the tablet should stop using the charger. About 30,000 chargers are impacted by the advisory.

Nokia is also advising users who purchased the 2520 travel charger for the tablet in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, UK, and the US should stop using the travel charger as well. In the US, the advisory covers 600 travel chargers that were sold.

Nokia discovered the issue with these chargers during an internal quality control process. Nokia is also pointing out that these chargers are made by a third party. Under certain conditions, the plastic cover over the exchangeable plug of the charger could come off and pose risk of shock. The tablet and charger has been suspended in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and UK. Only sales of the travel charger have been suspended in the US.