Nokia Drop Beta, from Nokia Labs

Kevin Fubar - Apr 6, 2011, 2:27pm CDT
Nokia Drop Beta, from Nokia Labs

Nokia Labs released a beta for a new application. They posted a demo for a Google Chrome extension that allows the user to drop images and hyperlinks directly onto their Symbian OS equipped phone. Mark Guim demos the extension with a Nokia C7, or Nokia Astound here in the US. Take a look at Nokia Drop.

The extension adds a right-click menu option to images under Google Chrome. There are options available to send an image from Chrome to the active wallpaper on the C7, to send a URL from Chrome into a list under the NokiaDrop app running on the C7, and to send an image into the same list on the NokiaDrop. The cool part is that it does this without any interaction by the user on the device. The whole thing is done on the back-end and the phone really demonstrated being the endpoint of a complex system instead of a device in-itself.

Check out the video here, Mark shows the whole process, it seems simple. The tinker-hacker-geek in me wants to know the source of the Download Failed that shows up about halfway through the video, but he doesn’t mention that during his explaining.

[via the Nokia Blog]

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5 Responses to Nokia Drop Beta, from Nokia Labs

  1. How come every new application made by either Nokia or Nokia Beta Labs these days either made for S60 5th edition or Symbian *3. Nokia has not released a single software update for Nokia N97s since 10 months so C5s/E5s are not the only ones which are ignored by Nokia even premium N series is not getting timely software updates!!

    • The lack of Apps on older platforms is not just Nokia, as a developer everything I work on now uses the latest Qt and I am targeting Symbian s^3 only.

      Even looking at Apple they stopped porting new OS to the old phones. Some of the new iPhone apps also now need iOS4 to work leaving no options for old iPhones.