Nokia C1 Plus brings 4G and Android Go to the mass market

This year's smartphone news has unsurprisingly been filled with 5G tidbits, from the slow but sure rollout of 5G networks to new phones toting 5G support even on mid-range hardware. There are times, people, and markets, however, that just need a serviceable phone, one that can work almost anywhere, especially in places that 5G has yet to set foot in. To that end, HMD Global is launching a new Nokia C1 Plus that seems to take a half step back in time to offer an affordable 4G Android phone.

For a bit of context, HMD launched the Nokia C1 late last year and then followed it up with a Nokia C2 in March this year. You'd think it would, by this time, announce a Nokia C3 or even a Nokia C2 Plus but, nope, we're getting a Nokia C1 Plus instead. In other words, it has more in common with last year's 4G phone but that isn't completely a bad thing.

For one, its screen is smaller than the Nokia C2 at 5.45 inches but gets an HD+ upgrade compared to its 2019 predecessor. It also runs Android 10 Go Edition, a step up from the Nokia C1 but still fails to run the actual latest version (Android 11 Go Edition). Given HMD Global's record, however, that might not be so surprising.

The rest of the Nokia C1 Plus' specs is pretty much the same, which is to say it's also close to the Nokia C2 anyway. Those are as basic as you can get, with 5MP cameras on both the back and the front, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of expandable storage. The 2,500 mAh battery looks measly but, considering the size and the specs of the phone, that is hardly shocking.

You might wonder how this tiny Android phone would appeal to buyers but that's exactly where pricing comes in. At 69 EUR ($84), HMD Global boasts that the Nokia C1 Plus is the lowest-costing 4G Android phone you'll be able to buy, presuming you live in markets where it's available, of course.