Nokia brings the "Lumia Challenge" to London

Those who live in London unfortunately don't have a chance to take the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge, a campaign that's been limited to the United States so far. Nokia, however, has decided to run a similar campaign to promote its Lumia handsets. The contests are fairly similar to the "Smoked by Windows Phone", although the prizes on offer aren't quite as enticing.

A team at Nokia challenged various pedestrians with smartphones in London to the challenge, seeing which phone could perform tasks the quickest. The challenges are pretty much the same as the "Smoked" campaign – take a picture then send it to a friend, update your Facebook status – but if you win, you only get £10 (~$16).

In a nice little marketing twist, the losers were treated to a £50 voucher that could be redeemed against a Lumia 800 purchase. In the U.S, you walk away with nothing, and have to declare your loss in a photo or video. The campaign recently came under fire when a Galaxy Nexus won a contest, but was declared the loser "just because." Microsoft quickly rectified the situation, offering the winner the prize $1,000 laptop and a Nokia Lumia 800 bundle.

If you want to see the "Lumia Challenge" shenanigans taking place on the streets of London, check out the video below.

[via Phone Arena]