Nokia 9 could be the first "OZO Audio" phone

The still to be acknowledged Nokia 9 is starting to shape up to be quite the premium smartphone. That is, if you do believe the specs and features rumored for this device. In addition to the much desired Carl Zeiss lens, the latest word is that the Nokia 9 will be the first commercial smartphone to bear the company's new OZO Audio technology, positioning it as a prime smartphone for recording audio, particularly for VR experiences.

What is OZO Audio? In a nutshell, it's a technology, mostly software-based, that promises to enable any camera or smartphone to record 360-degree or full spatial audio. All that the device would need is two or more microphones, though four is the ideal number. The feature is part of Nokia's OZO VR platform, which is currently made up of a super expensive 360-degree camera.

The OZO Audio, by itself, doesn't a premium smartphone make. It does, however, at least implies that the device would have the hardware, like a beefy processor and more than two mics, to make that possible. If this latest rumor does pan out, Nokia might be marketing the Nokia 9 as something of a portable multimedia studio not unlike the LG V20.

Other rumored specs for the Nokia 9 include the usual high-end expectations, like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 6 GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch QHD OLED screen, iris scanner, and IP68 dust and water resistance. But perhaps the feature that has been debated the most is the 22 megapixel camera, which may or may not feature Carl Zeiss optics.

If most of these features do make it to the final device, Nokia might finally have an Android entry finally worth talking about. So far, its three Android phones, the Nokia 6, 3, and 5, have mostly been mid-range affairs that banked more on the company's name rather than their own features.

VIA: Nokiapoweruser