Nokia 700 Zeta smartphone press photos leak

Nokia is taking a beating in the smartphone and feature phone markets today. Nokia is hoping that Windows Phone will pull the company out of the tailspin it's in with some smartphones that people are actually interested in. I still say Nokia should have went Android and hired some designers and engineers with vision to make phones that aren't so darn boring. A new Nokia smartphone has leaked today called the Nokia 700 also known as the Zeta.

The phone just looks really plain to me. Maybe I am jaded by the cool factor of the iPhone and all the sweet Android smartphones on the market today. The 700 photos you see here are said to be leaked press shots and we don't have much in the way of specs. The device is reported to have a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen, NFC, and a 1GHz processor.

The phone is also rumored to have a 5MP camera and run the Symbian Belle OS. What do you think about this device if the rumored specs are true? I'm feeling like the phone better be really cheap because nothing about it stands out in my mind, unless you are a Symbian lover.

[via The Nokia Blog]