Nokia 6 finally gets into Android Oreo beta program

HMD Global has promised that it would be unlike other manufacturers out there and make timely Android updates a top priority. While it naturally can't beat Google's Nexus and Pixel phones, it's still making good on its word. With less than two weeks before the year ends, HMD Global announced the enrollment of the Nokia 6 into its Android Oreo Beta program. Unfortunately, however, not all Nokia 6 phones are invited just yet.

It's not unusual that some models don't get the same updates at the same time. Updates are often rolled out in waves, with some markets getting preferential treatment over others. So it seems to be the case even for Nokia's Android Oreo beta test program.

Only three Nokia 6 models, running very specific software builds, are eligible to get the Oreo beta. At least at the time of this writing. Whether Nokia opens it up to more is still an open question. Those models include:

• V3.700_SP02

• V3.72A_SP01

• V3.73A_SP01

The information didn't come from HMD's Juho Sarvikas, who broke the news on Twitter. It was shared by another Twitter user who saw the important note when trying to sign up for the beta.

With the induction of the Nokia 6, only the Nokia 3 is left without a serving of Oreo, though that, too, has been promised. That said, it's still not certain when the Nokia 6 or even the Nokia 5 will get the final Oreo version, though the chances of that happening this year are slim.