Nokia 125 And 150 Offer The Simple Joys Of A Basic Mobile Phone

There has been a great emphasis these days on the important role that smartphones, computers, and apps are playing during these uncertain times but, for some people, they can also be a source of stress. The incessant notifications and tempting distractions can be counterproductive or downright nerve-wracking. For those who want to remain connected with friends and loved ones but without any bells or whistles, HMD Global is launching the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 feature phones for that exact purpose with a dash of entertainment sprinkled on top.

HMD Global may be most famous for reviving the Nokia name in the smartphone market but it has definitely done more than that. It has also revived some of the Finnish brand's most iconic feature phones as well as added some of its own new additions. This new pair joins the latter group to offer a phone that needs to be recharged only after days, depending on how you use them, of course.

Despite the different numbers, the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 share a common DNA. Both have a 2.4-inch screen and long bodies that have more room for larger keys and buttons. They also both have wireless FM radios for your music needs while the Classic snake and other try-and-buy games could get you addicted to the simple games of old.

The Nokia 150 adds a few more features on top at a very small cost. 32 GB of storage and an MP3 player frees you from the whims of radio stations. You can also go old-school with photos taken with its VGA camera and built-in flash.

Both phones are now available at prices that some might consider almost negligible as far as phones go. The Nokia 125, which comes in Charcoal Black and Powder White color options is priced at $24. Despite having more features, the Nokia 150, which has more expressive Red, Cyan, and Black colors, isn't that much more expensive at $29.