No Vibrating Pet Massager for my dogs!

It's disturbing to know that there is people out there that'll buy this vibrating pet massager for their dogs. If my dogs (Taz & Oscar) think I'm getting this for them, they have another thing coming. Their daily activities involve sleeping; walking from the couch to the food and water bowl, back to the couch and occasional pit stops to the backyard for a pit stop. Unless your pets have some sort of chronic aches or live an active pet lifestyle, this product isn't really for you, or is it? Should you get one, just make sure you close your windows and the blinds; god knows what your neighbors will think of you.

The Total Health Vibrating Pet Massage cost $5.95, and it's alleged to relieves sore muscles, tension, and "stimulate" oil glands for healthier skin and coat.

By the way, that's Taz on the left and Oscar is the one on the right. I give them one spot on the couch, which they seem to love; constantly fight over it. They look pretty comfy huh?

A Dog's Life for Me [Product Page]