No, the PlayStation 5 release date didn't leak

Earlier today, a very peculiar snippet from a Sony job listing started making the rounds on the internet. While much of that listing seem innocuous, there was part that stood out: an apparent release window for the PlayStation 5. That job listing said the PlayStation 5 would be out at some point in October 2020, putting it just five months away.

After noted Twitter leaker Nibellion published that leak, the internet went a little bit nuts, as you might expect when we're talking about release dates for next-generation consoles. Unfortunately, the hype was short-lived, as Famitsu reached out to Sony only to learn that the date was posted in error by the recruitment site hosting the job listing.

So no, the PlayStation 5 hasn't been confirmed for October – at least not yet. Considering that Sony is indeed targeting a holiday 2020 launch for the PlayStation 5, October seems like a prime time to get the console out the door. That way, Sony gets the PlayStation 5 on shelves a few weeks ahead of the ever-important holiday shopping rush.

Of course, even if that job listing was accurate, we wouldn't expect Sony to confirm it when asked by Famitsu. Sony will keep shooting down release date rumors – no matter how accurate they may or may not be – until it's ready to confirm the release date of the PlayStation 5.

At the end of the day, we have no clue how far off the mark that October 2020 release window might be, and things won't get any clearer until Sony makes an official announcement. We'll let you know when that happens, but for now, don't necessarily hold out for an October PlayStation 5 release.