No striaght ripping UMD games to PSPGo

We all know that the PSPGo is coming soon and that the big feature about the portable console is the lack of a feature. Namely, the PSPGo has no UMD drive for video games. That means that all those UMD games players have collected for older PSP versions are no good.Gizmodo reports that Sony's John Koller had said that owners of UMD titles would be able to get them digitally on the PSPGo. Apparently, Sony is clarifying that now saying that owners won't be able to simply rip the UMD game to the PSPGo storage.

The process will apparently still get your game onto the PSPGo, but it's a longer process and requires a PS3. You will need to sync the PSP to your PS3 with the UMD in the drive and then download a copy of the UMD to the PSPGo after authentication online.