No midnight launch for the iPhone - will be launched at 6PM June 29

We've known the magic date for the iPhone for a little while now. But that only left us with another looming question. What time will we be able to walk in and get our hands on one?

Midnight? 8am? 10Am? No, 6pm. It's a rather odd time to release a product, don't you think? I for one am glad that they picked this time, rather than a midnight launch. This way those in the 9-5 working world will still have some sort of a chance to get their hands on one. Though I imagine that people will start lining up pretty early to get their hands on one?

So how many of you out there are going to be getting in line for an iPhone? If you are, what time do you plan on getting there? Also, do you plan on going to an Apple Store, or an AT&T store?