No Man's Sky will make you learn new alien languages

If you've ever dreamed of exploring the vast openness of space, you're probably sad that we've yet to even send our first person to a neighboring planet. Thankfully, there are other ways of exploring new worlds, even if they're not real. Starting this summer, No Man's Sky will let you explore more planets than any other game that's out there, and you'll need to learn a few alien languages if you're going to get far.

No Man's Sky is by far the most ambitiously large projects that you'll find. There are precisely 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets that you can find and explore within the game. With that many plants spread out around the universe, it's a safe bet that you'll land on planets that no one else has, or ever will, set foot on. And while you're exploring, you'll definitely run into some new alien species.

The Hello Games team has talked a lot about factions, previously, but recently they finally reveals that these factions would actually be different alien races. You'll be able to trade with them, make alliances, get upgrades, and learn more about the universe from them. If you can understand anything they're saying, that is.

As a part of the game, you're going to need to learn some new languages. It won't be nearly as difficult as your 9th grade Spanish class, as you don't have to worry about correct syntax, conjugating verbs, and things like that. Instead, the languages will work much like a simple cypher, where you will simply replace an alien word with an English one.

Since other players will also be attempting to learn these languages, you'll be able to work out their translations online with the rest of the game's community. This was specifically done to foster a sense of community between players, despite the fact that they will likely never meet in-game.

Some of the languages will be harder than others do decipher, and the developer says that the only way most people will be able to figure some of them out is by working together.

Source: PlayStation Blog