No Man's Sky is getting mechs: Here's what they can do

A new No Man's Sky patch dropped today, and this one is all about exocrafts. Most importantly, this update adds a new kind of exocraft: the Exo Mech. If you've ever looked around a planet in No Man's Sky and thought to yourself that you'd like to run through its purple fields in a mech suit, then boy is update particularly great for you.

The Exo Mech can seemingly do it all. For starters, it's immune to all of No Man's Sky's planetary hazards, which in turn means that you are too when you're riding in it. So, if you find a planet that has extreme weather phenomenons, you can simply bring your mech with you and explore the planet from the safety of its cockpit. In first person view, planetary readouts will be in full view when you're in the cockpit, which offers a 360-degree view in VR as well.

The Exo Mech is outfitted with a number of tools too. It has its own mining laser, so you won't have to exit the cockpit to mine any resources you find. That can be upgraded to use a terrain manipulator as well, so you'll be able to do a lot of digging with the Exo Mech.

Perhaps the coolest tool is the Exo Mech's jet pack, which allows it to make some pretty massive leaps while exploring the surface. You can see the Exo Mech in action in the trailer above, which certainly makes it seem like a vehicle worth building as soon as possible. You can even summon the Exo Mech to the planet you're currently on assuming your freighter in in the same star system you are.

Beyond the Exo Mech, this update brings improved exocraft scanning, which will allow your exocraft to scan for points of interest; new exocraft parts that include solar panels; and even the ability to hide power lines when you're not in construction mode. You can read the full patch notes over on the No Man's Sky website, but otherwise, install the patch and build yourself a mech.