No Man's Sky crossplay confirmed for Xbox Game Pass launch

June is shaping up to be a big month for No Man's Sky. Not only is the game landing on Xbox Game Pass this month, but developer Hello Games has also prepared a new update for all platforms. Perhaps most importantly, this new update adds cross-platform multiplayer, so you'll be able to play online with friends regardless of the platform they're playing on.

In an update post on the No Man's Sky website today, Hello Games say that it has "replaced the entire network backend" to get crossplay to work. Players will be able to make cross-platform groups with their friends, and the players you encounters in the Space Anomaly or throughout the rest of the game can be players from any platform.

Going hand-in-hand with this crossplay support is a new quick interaction option you'll see when you're facing another player. This option allows you to invite them to a group, and once they're in your group, you can do that interaction again to add them to your in-game friends list. You can also add No Man's Sky friends by exchanging your unique code with others, which can be found on a new Network Options page.

In addition to these new features, Hello Games confirmed that No Man's Sky is heading to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow. We already knew that the game was destined for Game Pass, but before today, we didn't have a specific release date. Not only did Hello Games confirm its Xbox Game Pass launch date, but it also announced that the game will be available though Game Pass for PC because the company is launching a Windows 10 version of the game.

Tomorrow, June 11th, is the date to mark on your calendars – not only is that the day the game goes live on Xbox Game Pass, but it's also the day this patch and the Windows 10 version of the game launch. You can check out the full patch notes, which detail various VR and bug fixes, over on the No Man's Sky website.