No Man's Sky BEYOND is off to a rocky start

It seems that Hello Games will never really be rid of controversy wit its most popular title. At its infancy, No Man's Sky gathered no small amount of hype over is promise of a proceurally generated action-adventure survival sci-fi game. It's launch was met with severe criticism for having failed to make good on those promises. The game did improve over time, with the "NEXT" update bringing much of those into the game world. With the recently launched "BEYOND" update, the developers were finally hoping to be able to fully spread their wings to more ambitious pursuits. Unfortunately, it seems that the update is causing no small amount of headache among users on day one.

To be fair, No Man's Sky BEYOND a rather big and ambitious update so there are bound to be problems here and there. Hello Games actually did manage to check off most of its list. It has created a more vibrant world that's not overwhelming for new players but still has plenty to do for old timers as well.

The game has also finally made good on the multiplayer aspects of the game with The Nexus hub. While initially a solo exploration affair, No Man's Sky BEYOND opened the doors for group activities that go beyond mere socializing. Unfortunately, for all the great new things it brought, the update is leaving gamers rather irate because they aren't even able to play the game at all.

Bug reports on Reddit are piling up and most of them have been related to crashes at a specific point in the game, particularly when leaving one's base. There are other causes of crashes too and there doesn't seem to be any permanent or reproducible fix for all of those. The good news is that developers are working on the fix, perhaps even scrambling to salvage what should have been the game's best update yet.

Some might feel that Hello Games' fixation on VR contributed to the less than satisfactory quality of the release. The developers are particularly proud of the new VR experience which, admittedly, show the game world from a whole new perspective, literally and figuratively. Hopefully they can move fast enough to address those issues so that players could look BEYOND those bugs and into a new sci-fi exploration experience.