No Mac is safe from the MacLockPick

Wouldn't it be scary if there was a flash drive out there that could grab your most sensitive data off of your computer with little or no effort? Be warned, Such as device exists.

The MacLockPick as you would imagine works only on Mac, and rest assured that your password won't be a problem for it. The software contained on the flash drive will extract your most sensitive information stored in your Apple Keychain and system settings. It will grab things like iChat passwords, iTunes store info, login details for websites and email accounts and much more.

Thankfully these are only available to law enforcement officials for $399 a pop. That means you won't have to be too worried about these unless you're breaking the law. Then again, if one of these were to slip into the wrong hands it could be disastrous.

MacLockPick Extracts Secrets from your Mac, Legally [via everythingusb]