No iPhone tethering for your iPad

We talked this week about the new data plan changes that AT&T has made and the fact that it will finally allow us to tether our iPhones for data access. I guess AT&T liked the idea of giving us all the chances we need to run into those massive data overage charges. One of the things I had hoped we could do was use the iPhone for data access on the iPad.

We now hear that tethering the iPhone to the iPad won't happen, and surprisingly it's not AT&T blocking the feature this time around, it's Apple. AT&T blames the lack of a USB port (umm hello, iPad Camera Kit) for the inability to tether.

The iPhone can tether via Bluetooth, but Apple has blocked that feature in the iPad by reportedly disabling the portion of the Bluetooth profile that allows tethering via this method. Jobs has already reportedly told one customer that tethering between the iPhone and the iPad will not be allowed. Why you ask, well what would the point of the more expensive 3G iPad be if we could just tether with the iPhone?

[Via Techflash]