No Background Music For Xbox One Until Summer

When you're playing games, the soundtrack can go a long way in helping set the mood. However, when you've heard Butcher Pete on your Pip Boy for the twentieth time, it starts to lose its charm. We've known for a while that Xbox One owners can expect to use their own music during gaming sessions, but what we haven't known is exactly when this will happen.

Sure, you can listen to your own tunes on the Xbox One already, via Groove Music, but only if it's snapped to the side of your screen. And no one really wants to have 20% of their game's screen taken up, just so they can listen to music. Back in November, Mike Ybarra confirmed that the company was working on background music, but didn't give any sort of a timetable.

One user reached out to Phil Spencer via Twitter, to see if there was any update on the forthcoming feature. The news wasn't great, as the short and sweet response said that it wouldn't be coming before summer.

Many fans will be disappointed to hear this, as it's a feature that the PS4 has, and even the Xbox 360 could do. Until we do get this feature, we'll just have to be content with the music that's delivered with our games.