Nivea seagull drone poops sunscreen on kids at the beach

Just how far will you go to advertise your product? In Nivea's case, it took to the skies and then dropped the crap. And we mean that almost literally. Its entry at the Titanium and Integrated Lions at Cannes this year involved a drone dressed up as a seagull flying over the beach. But while its distant cousin the pelican delivered babies, the Nivea seagull dropped a payload of a different kind, squirting uncooperative toddlers with sunscreen coming out of its lower extremities.

Even advertising icon Sir John Hegarty, who happened to be this year's jury president, couldn't but help coating his words with sarcasm when describing Nivea's official entry into Cannes. True, there is a market for ways to get kids to wear and keep their sunscreen on the beach. But surely there are more creative ways to do so. Even Nivea itself apparently thought of a sunscreen-applying beach water slide. Perhaps they thought it wasn't fun or effective enough. After all, not everyone is thrilled with high slides. Though I doubt anyone would be thrilled about having bird poop on them either.

Lest you think it's a joke, Nivea is of a different opinion, entering the bird and the video below into Cannes. Or perhaps it was a statement saying that the Cannes is a joke. Either way, the judges were not amused, though they could definitely string up colorful words to describe this crapping robotic seagull.

Luckily for beach goers, Nivea isn't serious about bringing the ill-fated contest entry to the real world, even as a tongue in cheek PR. One can only imagine the lawsuits awaiting the company from people getting sunscreen in their eyes or even just extreme emotional distress at the though of getting crapped on by a bird, robotic or otherwise.

VIA: Adweek