NitroAV Fusion Pro NAVPCIESATFW PCIe eSATA/1394b combo host adapter debuts

If you aren't running a Mac computer odds are that you have no FireWire 800 ports on your machine. For some professional users who work with lots of video FireWire 800 ports is required meaning you need some sort of add-in card to get them.

A new host card has been introduced called the NitroAV Fusion Pro combo host adapter. The adapter adds a pair of external FireWire 800 ports, a single internal FireWire 800 port and a pair of eSATA ports with 3Gbps connectivity. The adapter card supports Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

The adapter also has an optional internal power connector that allows the FireWire 800 ports to offer power to external devices as well. the eSATA ports on the adapter are based on the Sil 3132 chip and support FIS multipliers. The FireWire800 ports use TI XIO2213. The Fusion Pro is available for $129.95.