Nissan's Paramagnetic paint

The days of "car color envy" are gone. Nissan has developed a new type of paint that allows you to change the color of your car with the flip of a switch. An electric current runs through the Paramagnetic paint changing the color to your desired shade, or mood.

The paint uses Iron oxide crystals that react to the level of current producing a wide array of colors. The paint requires a constant current to maintain any other color than white. So, good luck 20 years from now trying to find your car in a parking lot.

This is Nissan's second attempt a revolutionizing car paint. Their original "Scratch Guard Coat" keeps paint from showing minor scratches, and is currently available on some of their higher end models.

Look for color changing cars to roll off the lot sometime in 2010.

Nissan Develops Color Changing Paint for Vehicles [via DailyTech]