Nissan makes huge improvements in green tech with new fuel cell stack

One of the green technologies that could eliminate or greatly reduce the need for petroleum in the future is the fuel cell. The fuel cell is able to create power using reactions inside the cell. Fuel cell powered vehicles are green and produce no emissions. One of the companies that is working hard towards a fuel cell vehicle is Nissan and Nissan showed off its first fuel cell back in 2005.

Nissan has announced that it has greatly improved the fuel cell design with its new next gen fuel cell compared to that cell unveiled in 2005. The massive improvements in the new cell were achieved with a new membrane Electrode Assembly and a new separator flow path. The improved power density of the new Fuel Cell Stack makes it 2.5 times more powerful than the 2005 version.

Nissan gives the fuel cell a power output of 2.5kW per liter. Nissan also used a new single row lamination inside the fuel cell that makes the overall size of the cell reduced by more than half compared to conventional cell models. The platinum parts inside the cell have also been reduced making the cell much cheaper. Nissan claims the new fuel cell costs one-sixth as much as the cell made in 2005.