Nissan Leaf with 24kWh battery discontinued

If you are in the market for a new Nissan Leaf EV and were hoping to get in on the sub-$30,000 starting price the car debuted at this year, you might be too late. Nissan started to roll out a Leaf in September that has a different starting price and a larger battery. The new starting price for the updated leaf is $32,450.

The major change between this updated Leaf and the Leaf that debuted originally with the 2016 model year is that the 24 kWh battery the Leaf started with is no more. The new and more expensive car has a larger 30 kWh battery that has 27% better range.

More range is good on the one hand, but a higher starting price isn't something that many buyers will appreciate. This is especially true with the Chevy Bolt set to hit dealers by the end of 2016 packing a driving range well over 200 miles per charge.

The Leaf with the 30 kWh battery pack is good only for about 107 miles per charge. All Leafs with the 30 kWh battery also come with the Quick Charge Package standard. As of writing the Nissan website still shows the starting price for the Leaf at $29,010. Likely this was left to cover the discontinued 24kWh battery models left on dealer lots around the country. The small battery was an exclusive on the base model of the Leaf, all other versions received the 30 kwh battery.

SOURCE: Motortrend