Nissan bucks the giant dash screen trend in favor of a simpler cockpit

While many automakers are rushing to cram the largest screens possible inside their vehicles, Nissan is taking a different approach. Inside the Nissan Ariya concept, rather than sticking the largest tablet-like display possible inside the vehicle, Nissan decided to go with a design that gives a balance of technology and utility. Rather than using a large tablet display, the electric crossover has a curved two-screen display that's reminiscent of a wave.Nissan says that the layout reflects its new Timeless Japanese Futurism design language. However, Nissan is clear that the horizontal design wasn't chosen for looks alone. The designers say that the human eye naturally looks from side to side when driving. People can absorb more information if it's laid out horizontally, says Nissan.

The designers note that peripheral vision works the same way as well. In addition to presenting information in an easier to read manner for the human eye, layout also promises a safer location in the line of sight and closer to the road. That should mean the driver's eyes can see the information presented on the screen without spending as much time looking away from the road as they drive.

The Nissan Ariya Concept is designed to keep the driving information and cluster location similar to where you would find it in a traditional car. The same screen also provides entertainment information, comfort controls, and system status on the center screen. Both displays are wrapped in a panel that flows seamlessly between the driver and passenger.

Even though there are two screens, the information can be swapped between them to create the feeling of a single display. Nissan says that if drivers want route directions and the map in front of the steering wheel, they can place it there. The same data can be placed on the center screen when needed. Nissan says that the wave construction is innovative and uses an ergonomic layout for both the meter display and the center display. That helps not only visibility but also allows the driver to reach the center display touchscreen easily. Nissan says it took the design team many iterations to develop the innovative display used in the Nissan Ariya concept.