NIO ET7 EV sounds very impressive on paper

Recently a Chinese automaker called NIO held its own NIO Day event. During the event, the company unveiled its fourth electric car model called the NIO ET7. The ET7 is the automaker's flagship sedan and will offer two battery options to start with, including a 70 kWh and a 100 kWh battery pack.

The smaller battery pack promises over 311 miles per charge, with the larger battery pack claiming 435 miles of driving per charge. The automaker has promised that in late 2022 an even larger 150 kWh battery pack will debut that will have 620 miles of driving range on a charge.

NIO fits the ET7 with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain with a peak output of 480 kW and 850 Nm of torque. The front motor is a permanent magnet unit with the rear motor using induction technology. The automaker claims the vehicle will reach 62 mph from a standstill in 3.9 seconds. The car is quite attractive on the exterior and has an interior meant for comfort.

Every seat in the vehicle offers smart air suspension, heating, ventilation, and massage standard. The vehicle's entire roof is glass, and the car has an advanced dashboard with a HUD standard. The instrument cluster is a 10.2-inch digital unit with the center display comprised of a 12.8-inch screen.

ET7 has a standard 23 speaker audio system, and the car utilizes invisible smart vents for the front and rear seats. A smart key system will pop the flush door handle out when the driver approaches the vehicle, and the doors automatically unlatch and slightly open. The doors also close automatically. NIO will offer advanced autonomous driving technology in the vehicle with a monthly subscription equating to about $105 per month. The entry model starts at the equivalent of $58,375 and goes up to $81,230 depending on trim.