Nintendo Zelda sequel trailer is cool but not real

In this world, there are people who make games and there are insane, talented fans of those games who create their own amazing adaptations of famous series and franchises. Sadly, these two sides rarely intertwine. Take for example, a recently uploaded trailer for Zelda: The Lost Oracle – not an actual Zelda game, but we certainly wish it were.

The video was created by an animator and Zelda crazy fan by the name of Joel Furtado. The graphical style is evocative of the Gamecube sensation The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and opens with the words "A sequel 10 years in the making." Wind Waker was a polarizing entry in the Zelda series; some loved it and some hated it. But regardless of what you thought of that particulat game, you have to admit this video is pretty awe-inspiring.

Sadly the "trailer" only lasts 55 seconds and leaves you wanting more. Much more. If it was truly a new and upcoming Zelda game, pre-orders would be lighting up across all the major online stores right now. Unfortunately, we probably won't see this game on our Wii U's or 3DS's until after we buy our tickets for the live-action Zelda movie. Oh well. We can always just play the trailer on an infinite loop.

[via Ology]