Nintendo Yoshi Edition 3DS XL lands March 14

Shane McGlaun - Mar 4, 2014, 6:27 am CST
Nintendo Yoshi Edition 3DS XL lands March 14

Fans of Nintendo video games will recognize the name Yoshi. Yoshi is the reptile that has appeared in a number of Nintendo games over the years. One of the most popular games with Yoshi in it was Mario Kart. Nintendo has announced that a special version of the 3DS XL is coming with Yoshi on it.

The special edition is a Yoshi 3DS XL that features a white hinge area and a lime green front cover. That front cover has an image of Yoshi and an egg on it in full color. The back of the console also has a number of Yoshi eggs printed. The special edition Yoshi 3DS XL will launch on March 14.

The portable console will sell for $199.99. The March 14 launch date puts the Yoshi console on store shelves at the same time that Yoshi’s New Island game launches. The game is a side scrolling platforming adventure that has Yoshi transporting Baby Mario to reunite him with his kidnapped brother.

Yoshi will throw the eggs he lays during the game to create transformations that offer unique controls. Yoshi also gets to use flutter wings in the game so he can fly. Yoshi’s New Island game will launch on March 14 for $39.99. The game and the special edition console are sold separately.

SOURCE: Nintendo

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