Nintendo will ban your Mario Maker levels if they’re not up to snuff

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 18, 2016, 1:16 pm CST
Nintendo will ban your Mario Maker levels if they’re not up to snuff

Imagine pouring hours into a labor of love, a creation all your own that you want to share with the world. Then imagine that one day that creation was destroyed, and save from recreating it from scratch, it would be gone forever. That’s exactly the feeling that some Mario Maker creators are experiencing.

Nintendo has said that they would delete courses with low popularity “after a fixed period of time.” Neither “low popularity” or “a fixed period of time” have been defined by the company, which has left some users wondering why their creations have been deleted. What’s more, when they decide to delete a course, you are banned from ever uploading it again.

While it’s totally understandable for them to delete unpopular levels, it’s unfortunate that you can’t just make some tweaks to the level to make it a little more fun/easy/challenging (whatever you think would make people enjoy it more) and re-upload it. In the case of some users, they’re finding that their levels might be too difficult, and a few changes might make it immensely more fun for other players. Unfortunately, the save file on their game is blacklisted from ever being used again.

Mario Maker has certainly been one of the best things that Nintendo has put out in a while. However, if they want people to continue building levels, they may want to consider communicating with their community regarding their policy for deleting levels. And possibly reconsider banning levels outright, if they’re not deemed popular enough. People should be able to make modifications and try again, rather than having their hard work deleted forever, on the first go.

VIA: Kotaku

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