Nintendo Wiimote Fix - Smack That

Ah, Nintendo, how we love you and your ingenious ways of fixing problems with your games/equipment. My favorite fix, of course, the "blow into the cartridge" for the original Nintendo. Well, they've done it again, this time with the Wii remotes.

Wired blogger, GeekDad, has the following conversation with a Nintendo support about having some problems with his Wiimote:

Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "Okay – I want you to take the remote, button side down and smack it into the palm of your hand two or three times."

Russ: "You've got to be kidding"

Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "No sir, do it hard enough that I can hear it across the phone line but not hard enough to damage the remote"

Russ: "You're sure?"

Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "Yes, sir."

How great is that? And yes, if you're wondering, it did work. I was always under the impression that no matter how much you wanted to smack around your electronics it was actually counterproductive in the end. I did try this once on my DVD player remote and it broke, it must be something extra special with Nintendo, their gadgets have what the French call "I don't know".

Crazy (real-life) Wii Remote Tech-Support Call... [via Gizmodo]