Nintendo Wii U Star Fox game tipped

It appears there may be a fox-fronted space shooter game on tap for Nintendo's upcoming home console. According to a leaked report, the game will be unveiled at next month's E3 trade show. A lot of eyes are expected to be on Nintendo during the four-day event, since it will be the only company showcasing new hardware. Even so, it won't be entirely new.

After all, the Wii U was first unveiled last year, but the only hands-on experiences that Nintendo offered were tech demos, and no solid product announcements were made. In addition, many of the console's features like technical specs and online connectivity were not discussed. So this year's E3 will be all about showing what the reality of the Wii U will be – not just what it "can" be. And if there is one thing that Nintendo should have learned from the 3DS, it's that it absolutely needs to have solid games.

The 3DS launched without a Mario game, without a Zelda game, without a Pokemon game, and without any other quintessential Nintendo franchise. Star Fox is one of those franchises that can move hardware but doesn't need to be the defining title, so if this report is true, it would be great if it were slated as a launch title.

[via Techtroid]