Nintendo Wii Mini launching in UK on March 22

Nintendo may be in full force with its new Wii U console, but the original Wii is still making its rounds. The newer Wii Mini gaming console — a smaller version of the original Wii — will be making a trip across the pond to the UK where it will be available for sale starting March 22. Previously, the console was a Canadian exclusive.

We first heard about the Wii Mini back in November, when Nintendo would launch the "new" console in December for Canadian gamers for just $99. While we at least have a release date for when the Wii Mini will hit the UK, Nintendo has yet to announce pricing for the console, but we expect it to be the $99 equivalent that it's currently selling for in Canada.

The Wii Mini is essentially the same as the original Wii as far as internals go, but it comes in a smaller size and a smaller price tag. The console also has a top-loading disc tray. However, it lacks any kind of internet connectivity and isn't compatible with GameCube games. UK gamers will get a red Nunchuk and a red WiiMote Plus controller when buying the console.

We're still not sure if or when Nintendo will bring the redesigned console to the states, but even when that happens, we're not quite sure that it'll catch on, given the fact that the Wii U is already out in full force and the Wii Mini lacks many of the capabilities that most gamers would want. Either way, UK residents will finally be able to get in on the cheap-console fun starting next month.