Nintendo Wii made portable in a Game Boy Color mod

Nintendo has been making handheld consoles since the day of the Game Boy color but it wasn't until the Nintendo Switch that it would make its first truly portable console-class gaming device. Naturally, that has gotten some hardcore Nintendo fans dreaming of their favorite stationary consoles getting some feet. One such fan decided to take matters into his own hands and retrofitted a genuine and legit Wii into the size of a Game Boy Color.

Other devices claiming to be a portable Wii often do so using some Android phone or single-board computer (SBC) that just happens to run a Wii emulator. While that may be a bit more general-purpose, since it can technically run other console emulators, too, there's still something to be said when you cram the original parts of a genuine console into a form factor it was never meant to be in.

That's not to say GingerOfMods simply gutted a Wii, put it in a Game Boy case, and called it a day. In fact, he decided to 3D print the Game Boy-like case so that he could custom fit some changes, like bigger batteries, trigger and shoulder buttons that the Game Boy never had, and the position of screws inside. That the innards of Wii turned out to be small enough to fit inside is a bonus, minus the optical disc drive, of course.

The modder did have to make some mods, of course, from printing his own controller circuit board to tie it all together to the software needed to support using Game Cube controller buttons rather than the Wiimote. Despite those, the Wiiboy Color, as he calls it, can probably still be considered to be close to the original, except you'll have to load games into it via a PC.

There is definitely a lot going for this Wii + Game Boy mod, especially since it can play Game Cube games and other old Nintendo titles via Virtual Console. GingerOfMods says that more software updates will be coming and he does plan on selling these modded Wiis. Presuming Nintendo doesn't get on his case first.