Nintendo Wii gets an LCD monitor

If you stacked up the three current-gen consoles next to each other, you'd notice just how small the Nintendo Wii really is. When I get in a new game, I'll pack it up in one of my spare laptop bags with all of my controllers because it's so small. It's because of the console's small size that I think it is perfect to be played on the road with its own LCD monitor.

This 7-inch LCD screen can mount directly onto your Wii, or elsewhere if you desire. It has extra AV inputs if you want to hook up a DVD player or other console. Power will come from either the standard Wii power adapter or the included cigarette adapter.

The screen won't set you back fortune either. At just over $100, you can pick one of these up along with a Wii (if you can find one) for less than a PS3 or about the same as an Xbox 360 Pro.

[via CoolestGadgets]