Nintendo Wii ads might get pulled this holiday season

James Allan Brady - Dec 7, 2007

That’s right; Nintendo’s inability to keep up with the high demand has made it clear that the responsible decision is to remove the ads completely. They haven’t quite made the decision to actually do it yet, but if they do, they will be replacing them with Nintendo DS commercials, another great product currently being made by Nintendo.

Nintendo has upped their expectations of sales from 14 million consoles by the end of the year worldwide to 17.5 million, and as long as they can make them fast enough I could easily see them pulling that off. It’s kind of sad to hear people fighting over the console because it’s the last one in one store; meanwhile yesterday we had a reader tell us their local Best Buy has a 5x5x5 cube of the system.

Sony already seems to be making use of the lack of Wii’s to move more of their newly lower priced systems. The two are nowhere near the same, but to a kid, a game system is a game system, most of the time.

Nintendo mulls pulling Wii TV ads [via BBC]

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