Nintendo video compares New 3DS loading times against its predecessor

Loading times are the bane of every gamer. As seconds of loading screens add up to precious minutes over time, you start to wonder just how much more of the game you could play, if it would only load faster. I've even put down games, just because I hated dealing with constant, long loading screens (I'm looking at you GTA Online). Well, if you've picked up Monster Hunter X and feel like you're wasting too much time waiting on the game to load, Nintendo has a way to fix that.

Nintendo Japan recently uploaded a video to YouTube showing off the new title on the original 3DS, and the New 3DS. Naturally, you can imagine which of the two showed better load times. While the differences are only a matter of a few seconds, you can see that the game visibly stutters during the loading process on the older model, as well. Hopefully you don't see that kind of stuttering during gameplay.

It's interesting that Nintendo would release a comparison video like this, but it does a good job of showing the differences in hardware between the older and newer models. I'm not convinced that it's enough to make me want to part with my launch 3DS.

Monster Hunter X is currently only available in Japan. No announcement has been made regarding a US release, though it is expected to be announced before the end of the year.

VIA: Kotaku