Nintendo "Tomodachi Life" turns your life into a game

Today in a special edition of Nintendo Direct, the game maker announced the upcoming arrival of the new title Tomodachi Life, a Mii-based game that allows gamers to turn their friends and relatives into the game's characters. The game is set to arrive for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS in the near future.

The idea behind Tomodachi Life is simple — you create Mii characters of your friends and family (your parents, grandma, and cousins, for example) and then play as them through life, having them offer up tidbits advice and other oratory, and taking you through various activities, both on this planet and in space.

Giving it the tagline, "Your Friends. Your Drama. Your Life," Nintendo says you can create a Mii character for just about anyone you'd like, and the with them you can go through "all the dramatic ups and downs of life," including the drama of love and the fun of being completely silly.

The game will launch for both handheld consoles on June 6. For now, a website is up for those interested in the game, though it is mostly a placeholder site with a promise that a full site is "coming soon." The pricing for the game hasn't yet been released.