Nintendo to offer a true app store for Wii U

We have already seen the Wii U with its superior graphics and fancy touchscreen controller and it looks really cool. If you are counting the days until that console launches you will get a kick out of this. Unsurprisingly Nintendo will be offering an app store for the game console. According to the reports that app store won't be like the DSi or the Wii stores, but will be the full-blown type.

A source cited by The Daily claims that the Wii U store will go far beyond what Nintendo has now and will offer a wide variety of game apps and more. What sort of apps will be offered are unknown, but we can make some interesting guesses and assumptions. Naturally, Netflix and other apps will be offered since they are on the Wii already.

The touchscreen controllers open up a very interesting possibility to have apps for the main console and apps for that touchscreen device alone. Perhaps some mobile gaming with games only for the controller or productivity apps that allow us to check email on the controllers will be offered. I hope the Wii U is able to live up to the hype it is already generating.

[via The Daily]