Nintendo Switch weekly eShop update: Indie mania

Eric Abent - Sep 13, 2018, 2:40 pm CDT
Nintendo Switch weekly eShop update: Indie mania

We find ourselves at yet another Thursday, which means that Nintendo has detailed the next batch of games hitting the eShop over the coming week. This time around, the focus is pretty much entirely on indie games, which is precisely what we’d expect after all of the marketing Nintendo has done on behalf of some of those indie titles recently. There are some much-loved games coming to Switch this week, so if you missed them on other platforms, now is a good chance to check them out.

Indie darling Undertale leads the charge this week. The quirky RPG has built a legion of fans on a variety of different platforms since launching in 2015, and it seems like a game that could be perfectly suited to the Switch’s portable form factor.

Undertale is being joined by the Switch version of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, which was actually one of the first examples of crowdfunding success for gaming projects. Another big name in the indie space, Bastion, is hitting the Switch today, more than seven years after it first released. Have a look at the full list of eShop releases below.

Nintendo Switch

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games
Doughlings: Arcade
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (available September 18)
Mega Man 11 – Demo Version
Monkey King: Master of the Clouds
Old School Musical
Omvorm (available September 18)
Scribblenauts Mega Pack (available September 18)
Shadow Fight 2
Siegecraft Commander (available September 19)
Slice, Dice & Rice
Super Dungeon Tactics
Surgeon Simulator CPR
Sword of the Guardian (available September 18)
The Mahjong Huntress
The Spectrum Retreat
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition!
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut
Undertale (available September 18)

Nintendo 3DS


So, if you’re a fan of indie titles in general, this is definitely a good week to be a Switch owner. We can expect many more indies to launch in the weeks and months ahead, so we’ll keep an eye out for those releases. In the meantime, head down to the comments section and tell us if you’re going to be picking up any of these games this week!

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