Nintendo Switch update adds screenshot sharing to phones, computers

Most of the gaming attention is now being lavished on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S but Nintendo made sure beforehand to remind everyone how popular its Switch gaming systems have been. Now it is giving Switch owners and fans a treat of their own, not with a next-gen console but with an update that is relatively big news for the gaming handheld. Jumping from firmware version 10.1.0 to 11.0.0, the Nintendo Switch is gaining some features that should have probably been there years ago.

Many gamers love sharing or boasting about their experiences with favorite or new titles. Social media has made that all too easy but some might not want to immediately post their screenshots or video clips online. Unfortunately, before this update, that was exactly the only thing you could do with them on the Nintendo Switch.

Staring System Update 11.0.0, however, you have two ways to get those screenshots and videos from your Switch. Some might find it easier to connect the Switch to a computer via a USB-C cable for a direct transfer. Others, however, might prefer to put those images and clips directly on their phones, which requires them to scan a QR code with their phone and connect directly to the Switch via an ad hoc wireless connection.

Gaming isn't just about showing off, of course, and version 11.0 of the Switch firmware definitely brings a lot more than that. If you ever have had a download queue but wanted to prioritize a specific game, you can now choose which one you want to be downloaded first. If you also find yourself juggling multiple Switch systems under a single Nintendo account, you can set each to automatically download save data so you won't have to do so manually after the first time.

There are other new features, too, from Trending games your friends are playing to 12 new user icons celebrating Super Mario Bros.'s 35th birthday. The Switch's updates often come in small sizes, which isn't surprising given how simple it is compared to its PlayStation and Xbox counterparts, but version 11.0.0 is definitely one of those updates that give the portable console a fresh new feeling.