Nintendo Switch titles: here’s what’s coming soon

JC Torres - Jan 13, 2017, 1:00 am CST
Nintendo Switch titles: here’s what’s coming soon

Nintendo has just finished its hour-long spiel about how the Nintendo Switch is the culmination and the amalgamation of its gaming history, from the very first Nintendo Entertainment System all the way up to the Wii U. But while the console might be interesting, it will only be as strong as the games available for it. And the Switch definitely has a varied roster, with some bordering on the “meh” and others on the “take my money already!”

Surely, we can’t forget about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is pretty much THE Nintendo Switch launch game. Especially since Mario Odyssey isn’t coming on time. Of course, Zelda fans aren’t going to complain, especially after a lengthier trailer.

Nintendo, however, has two games developed in-house that were designed to take advantage of the new Joy-Con controllers and their capabilities. For example, 1-2-Switch is like rock-paper-scissors on steroids, meant for two players each taking one Joy-Con and facing off in some ridiculous make believe battles.

ARMS, on the other hand, described as “boxing meets shooter”. That’s because while you do punch your opponents, you do so from a distance using stretchy arms.

As for Nintendo’s titular shooter, Splatoon 2 for the Switch is indeed coming, but not before Summer this year, sadly.

There are also a ton of new titles from third party studios, as well as ports of existing titles. Square Enix, for example, is bringing a few of its Dragon Quest games to the Switch, including Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, as well as a completely new RPG simply called “Octopath Traveler”. Another “old-new” title for the Nintendo Switch is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, from the Xenoblade universe, of course.

Altus will also be bringing a game from its Shin Megami Taisen series, though the title is yet unknown. Fans of the permadeath strategy game Fire Emblem will probably revel in the arrival of Fire Emblem Warriors on the handheld console as well. Details, however, are also quite thin at the moment.

And then there’s Skyrim, making its first ever appearance on a Nintendo console. Given the game’s graphics requirements, it might be a test of the little console’s hardware capabilities. EA Sports has also promised to bring its games to the transforming gaming device and we did see a glimpse of Minecraft during the final montage. Unfortunately, many of these gamed haven’t been given a date yet, so stay tuned for more details.

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