Nintendo Switch online service will cost this much

Nintendo's much hyped upcoming console is hardly going to be the perfect gaming device for everybody. But after the initial honeymoon period following the reveal of the device, even stalwart Nintendo Switch fans are starting to cringe at the warts that are slowly being revealed. The biggest wart perhaps is the online service that will accompany the console. It is becoming rather a disappointment and liability not because Nintendo might be charging $20 to $30 for it but because it will be charging for some things that have previously been provided for free.

Speaking to The Nikkei, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that the Switch's online service will cost around 2,000 to 3,000 yen a year, roughly $17.60 to $24.60. In the larger scheme of things, that's not exactly much, especially considering it will be an annual fee. Gamers have paid more monthly for some premium services.

The issue will mostly be what is bundled in that online service, which is primarily online chat. Yes, speaking with other Switch players online will require a yearly fee. In contrast, similar online services, including online multiplayer, is free on the Wii U. So far, Nintendo hasn't even talked about online multiplayer gaming, though we're hoping against hope that it won't be a paid add-on on top of that annual fee.]

The online service does also include a monthly offer of a "free" classic NES game. Just for a month. After that, you'll probably have to buy it on its own. Separate from the annual online service fee, of course.

Part of the anxiety around this online service is the fact that Nintendo still remains mum on much of its details. With the actual launch of the Nintendo Switch just around the corner, Nintendo has to pick up the pace to tell would-be owners what they'll be in for when they commit to this platform and its online service.

SOURCE: The Nikkei