Nintendo Switch Online launch date finally confirmed

The Nintendo Switch has been enjoying unprecedented, at least for Nintendo, success, both in sales numbers and in reviews, pulling the Japanese gaming giant out if its prophesied demise. But while the multi-form handheld gaming console has been nearly perfect for many, it is actually still missing one very important part. The Switch Online Service is still nowhere to be seen but now Nintendo of America is confirming that it is finally coming later this year.

It should have actually come out last year, but Nintendo is not one to rush things. In fact, it's considered by some as a slow-moving dinosaur. Nevertheless, the Switch Online service is finally coming in September, hopefully with no more delays.

Switch Online offers some of the staples of modern console gaming, like multiplayer gaming and leaderboards. These have been made available for free during the waiting period but will soon be hidden behind a $3.99/month or $19.99/year subscription fee.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Online Service is the Classic Game Selection. This feature would offer players one free class NES or SNES game to play per month. But unlike other similar monthly promos, Switch users won't be owning the game afterwards. No word on whether games will be offered for sale, with or without a discount, after their month is over.

On a technical level, this feature is interesting because it could hold clues about the emulators Nintendo will be using to play these games. Hackers and modders will definitely be on the lookout for whatever resources they will be able to tap into when the Switch Online service rolls out.